Our Story

The story of JASERIE Pillow

My gf💑 had been suffering from bad quality sleeping.

Because of her stress, she always woke up in the middle of the night, causing her to had insomnia / restless night.

She had suffered for this since

Last Year 2018!

Then her problem…

Because I care for her, I invented

"JASERIE Pillow"

 to solve her problem by promoting deep sleep. With the aid of the design and height of the pillow, it can relieve tension and promote relaxation to the cervical spine, neck and shoulder. 

JASERIE pillow realigns itself to protect the natural curve of the cervical spine, promoting comfortability to our body letting us easily fall into deep sleep. Hence,  by enhancing a person’s deep sleep, they can wake up feeling refreshed and having high productivity for the day!