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Imagine the days you wake feeling sharp, fresh, and energeticDoesn’t that sound good? In reality, the majority of people still wake up feeling fatigued from a restless sleep the night before. Nothing is worse than having your mornings ruined by waking up feeling stiff, tired and in pain.

With JASERIE Pillow, you never have to worry about feeling those sensations again. Our pillow will make sure you sleep in a perfect posture so you can wake up and operate to your full potential. This pillow is designed to prevent neck and back pain from bad sleeping posture

The product is manufactured with the highest quality memory foam that is guaranteed to stay in shape. The shape of the pillow is designed to put your neck and back in optimal alignment. Whether you’re a side-sleeper or a back-sleeper, JASERIE Pillow will put you in a position that ensures perfect circulation and posture so you can enjoy that long, deep sleep and wake up feeling 100%…….

How JASERIE Pillow can You

Featured Product

Sky White



Ocean Blue



Forest Green




Use: Bedding, Travel, Massage, Gift, Other

Filling: Polyurethane (memory foam)

Cover Material: Polyester

Size: 50 x 30 x 10cm

Pillow with a cover of 3 colour variation: Ocean Blue, Forest Green, Sky White




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Regular pillow are too high or low which is one of the biggest factor to neck, shoulder and spinal pain the next day.

The major difference is that Jaserie Pillow is created and designed to help us get into deep sleep by relieving neck, shoulder and spine. 

Unfortunately the this pillow is not suitable for kids because it is have specially design height and angle for adults to get greater sleeping experience😇

Yes it can! When u are sleeping kindly put your neck on the curve shape and head up so the sleep position will help u reduce snoring problem 🙂

You can return your undamaged product and packaging within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund with a survey. You can message us at our Facebook page 🙂

For side sleepers, use the side of the pillow. You can rest your entire shoulder to close on the pillow and you will feel great.

For the back sleepers, use the contour or lower side of the pillow. You can either rest your entire shoulder on the pillow or just part of your shoulder, either way, you will feel great.

For stomach sleepers, use the high side of the pillow , rest both of your shoulders on the pillow, so your neck will not stiff after hours of sleeping

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