JASERIE - Ocean Blue (Pre-order)

Quick Notice:

Next Batch for Pre-Order will arrive around Mid September

Pre-order Open (Mid-Sept)

Here is an update:
Jaserie Pillow  is out of stock.
Customers that had purchased already will get as soon as our stock arrived at our warehouse which is estimated to be around Mid-August.
For customers who wanted to pre-order, it will be opened on 13th August – 10am to purchased. The pillows are limited as this batch is also otw to us. It will come with a First Come First Serve Basis. These Batch pre-order (13/8) is estimated to arrive around Mid-September.

Single Pillow


Couple Pack


Family Pack


Out of stock

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Product Specs

50cm x 30cm x 10cm


100% polyester cover (Outside)

Polyurethane pillow material


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Regular pillow are too high or low which is one of the biggest factor to neck, shoulder and spinal pain the next day.

The major difference is that Jaserie Pillow is created and designed to help us get into deep sleep by relieving neck, shoulder and spine. 

Unfortunately the this pillow is not suitable for kids because it is have specially design height and angle for adults to get greater sleeping experience😇

Yes ! When u are sleeping kindly put your neck on the curve shape and head up so the sleep position will help u “reduce” snoring problem :)

For side sleepers, use the side of the pillow. You can rest your entire shoulder to close on the pillow and you will feel great.

For the back sleepers, use the contour or lower side of the pillow. You can either rest your entire shoulder on the pillow or just part of your shoulder, either way, you will feel great.

For stomach sleepers, use the high side of the pillow , rest both of your shoulders on the pillow, so your neck will not stiff after hours of sleeping

You could

a) whatsapp: 0146883211

b) press the messenger icon on the right to contact us

RM 10 for West Malaysia 

FREE Delivery for East Malaysia