Better Sleep Better Living

The perfect pillow for everyone

Restless night where your pillow
is not the right one for you?

Why not try JASERIE Pillow to enchance your sleeping quality by eliminating pain and discomfort caused by unsupportive pillows

Interesting Facts You Need To Know

“60% Malaysians had insomnia while 28.6% affect their daily work”

“36.5% Malaysian who had insomnia had depression symptoms ”

while others had tendency to doze off while driving which could potentially involve in road traffic accidents!

Our Goal...

“To help everyone to have greater sleep quality and recover from physical pain caused by stress, bad body posture or bad sleeping positions”

JASERIE Pillow Benefits:

We had put thousands of hours of research and commitment to create something truly special for you.

Why use JASERIE Pillow?

Spinal Alignment

Adjust to the pressure and weight of our head while reduces soreness of the cervical spine to protect our cervical health

Quality Sleep

The perfect angle and height for relaxation of neck, spine and shoulders to promote deep sleep.

More Energy

Comfort sleeping leads to deep sleep. With a better sleeping, you can now wake up more energetic to start your day!

Pain Relief

Eliminate time involved in writing up complicated invoices. It takes seconds to create and send our invoices.

The perfect pillow for every type of sleeper

No matter which position you sleep,
JASERIE pillow will adapt and make you comfort

JASERIE Pillow relieves those suffering from:


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