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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Jaserie Pillow

Our pillow is made of memory foam and designed based on the natural curve of our human body. This design helps to support our head, neck and spine during sleeping. 

Why memory foam is chosen because it can rebound and return to original shape slowly after sinking. If you are side sleeper, it can keep you sleep on the optimal height, and wont put stress on your ears, muscles of necks and spine.

In short, our Jaserie pillow is made to help you sleep better by enhancing your sleeping quality and make you fall asleep faster.

Our Jaserie pillow is made from memory foam which is excellent for eliminating pain by relieving the pressure along your spine and offering excellent support to your neck & shoulders, regardless of your sleeping positions.

Standard = 50cm x 30cm x 10cm

Large: 60cm x 34cm x 11cm

pillow sizing


We have 3 colors which is Blue, Green, White.

You can check it out here

Jaserie Pillow is made by using a Japanese technology by a leading memory foam pillow manufacturer from China.  

We are also happy to share with you that our brand and product have won the Asia Pacific Top Expert Brand and Asia Pacific Super Health Brand.

We provide inner cover made of jersey fabric to provide moisture absorption and ventilation. It is also used to protect and give durability to the inner material.

Our pillow cover is made of polyester which is hypoallergenic & anti-microbial material 😇

The pillow cover is NOT waterproof.

You are recommended to wash it regularly for hygiene purpose. 

We recommend you to spend at least 30 days with Jaserie Pillow. It is the transition period for your body to adapt with the design of Jaserie pillow (height and shape might different from your previous pillow).

Jaserie created a unique design to accommodate all sleeping positions. No matter what sleeping positions you sleep, you will feel supported by JASERIE pillow

We do not recommend Jaserie pillow for children under 12. This is because the height of the pillow is designed based on the natural curve of our human body.  The height of Jaserie pillow is not compatible with the normal height of the children. It can cause pressure on the neck of the children and lead to discomfort when they are using.

28 cm x 15 cm x 18 cm

packaging size

Yes, we have nice packaging for our pillow.  It is suitable to be delivered as a gift for your family and friends!

Yes, the pillow cover is washable.

Firstly, you can unzip and remove the cover from the pillow. You can wash the pillow cover with cold water (machine or hand wash) by adding in mild detergent. After that, you can line dry the it. Please DO NOT use dryer to dry it.


For pillow, you can use fresh wave spray like Febreze to spray on it every 1-3 months. And then, place it a well-ventilated space. NO sunlight exposure.

Experts recommend replacing your pillow every one to three years because of hygiene purposes— but we understand that doesn’t always happen!

If your head doesn’t feel supported (too high or too low), you need a new pillow. No matter what position you lie in, your pillow should be under your head (not your shoulders) and its thickness must keep your head, body and spine in a straight and correct posture.

Other FAQs

Please check out this video.

Click here for video

Currently, we are shipping our product to Malaysia and Singapore only.

For other countries, please contact our customer support for shipping enquiries

Yes, we will offer free shipping for orders over RM 80. For orders below RM 80, we are charging RM 10 per order.

FREE shipping for orders above SGD50!

You may make the payment through credit/debit card, online banking (FPX for Malaysian), Atome App, and Grabpay.

Please feel free to contact us for further enquires. 😇

The delivery address can be changed as long as your order has not been shipped out. Once it is shipped, it is impossible for us to change.

We only accept 1 address per order only.

Orders to be delivered to West Malaysia are shipped from our warehouse in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Orders to be delivered to East Malaysia are shipped from our warehouse in Kuching, Sarawak.

Our products are directly shipped from our warehouses and no pick-up service is available.

For West Malaysia, it will be around 3-7 days. 

For East Malaysia, it will be around 7-15 days. 

For Singapore, it will be around 3-10 days.

Jaserie Estimate Time to Arrive

There are two ways for you to track your shipping status:

  1. You will receive an email from us with your tracking number once we ship out your order.

  2. You can login into to check the status of your order.

For hygiene purposes, we do not offer trials for our products. We always ensure all products delivered to you are first-hand.

Yes, we are pleased to tell you that we are now officially launched in Shopee. You may visit our store in Shopee through this link:

We are an online-based store. However, you could visit Consult Pharmacy physically for more details.


Please refer to our return policy.

Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket

Our Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket is made up of bamboo fabric as bamboo fibers act as perfect thermo-regulating barrier between warm and cold air, helps your body keeps its internal temperature and stay cool throughout the nights.

The inner fabric of the blanket is made of non-glue 100% polyester padding, while the filling is made of thousands of tiny lead-free glass beads. It is designed with a 7-layer structure to completely prevent the glass beads to leak out.

It has an optimal weight of 6.8 kg.

We have blue and green colors for your choices.

It is designed with the optimal weight of 6.8 kg, by evenly filled with tiny glass beads, which imitates a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation. The even pressure created by the deep sleep blanket helps calm the nervous system and improve the mood significantly. This ensures you’ll sleep soundly every night.

Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket may benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, among other conditions.

It is not recommended for those:

  • weighed below 40 kg
  • are pregnant,
  • with chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or obstructive sleep apnea,
  • with claustrophobia,
  • with blood circulation issue,
  • with temperature regulation issue,
  • with diabetes.

The main reason is due to the weight of the blanket. 

In people with diabetes, wounds tend to heal more slowly and progress more if they get injury. The heavier Jaserie blanket may cause pressure on their body when using it and may affect the healing of the wounds.

For pregnant women, the heavier Jaseir blanket may cause pressure on their tummy, which can make them uncomfortable. 

You can hand wash the blanket with cold water and mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Dry cleaning is another option for you to clean the blanket. Do not iron the blanket.

Yes. The Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket is 100% Oeko-Tex certified. This means that all the blanket’s fabrics have been tested for harmful substances by a 3rd party and therefore all materials are harmless for human health.

100% Oeko-Tex Certified Materials

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