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Made from high quality memory foam, our pillow will help you find peace and enjoy your sweet dream. Instantaneous relaxation with the perfect design and support for quality sleep no matter what sleeping position you like!




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Body-Cradling Structure to Reduce Rotation, Enhance Breathing, and Provide Excellent Pressure Relief 

● Supportive Polyurethane Foam (Memory Foam)

Inner Cover Providing Moisture Absorption and Ventilation 

Pillow Cover Made with Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial Material

Includes a Spinal Realignment Zone, Shoulder Relief Zones and Head Relaxation Zone to Ensure Maximum Comfort

Note: It will be smaller than average pillow because we had engineer it to be like this to enhance better sleeping quality.

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Jaserie Pillow Cover
RM30 - RM35


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Strategically Designed

Engineered to mimic the natural curve of your body helping you thoroughly enjoy the simple luxury of sleeping. You deserve a good night’s sleep every night!

Built with quality memory foam

Extremely comfort and relieving tension & pressure from your neck and shoulders. Helps in minimising pressure on the skull, reducing snoring and improving sleep quality.

Hypoallergenic & Anti-microbial Cover

Made from the highest quality polyester material cover that will allow for a cooler night's sleep. And it blocks microorganisms like bacteria and dust mites from lurking in your pillows... you can sleep comfortably without worrying about allergies or bacteria.

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Spinal Realignment Zone

Enclosed cervical spine to support healthy realignment and protection

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Head Relaxation Zone

Perfect height for the relaxation of our mind from exhausted long day

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Shoulder Relief Zone

Ideal height for any sleeping position to support shoulder relaxation and comfort.

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Shoulder Relief Zone

Ideal height for any sleeping position to support shoulder relaxation and comfort.

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Here is what our customer says...

Jaserie Pillow Cover

Made from the highest quality polyester material which is hypoallergenic & anti-microbial. It is also a material that is highly breathable for air circulation which could provide us with optimal comfort and relaxation.

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Founder's Notes

35% of Malaysians have some sort of sleeping disorders, while over 53% of Malaysia's workforce gets less than the minimum seven hours sleep in a 24-hour period.

Yup - that is how serious we have for Malaysians to suffer.
Most people doesn't know that there are 2 factors affecting sleep:
1. Internal Factor - What you consume (foods) & what you do and think (stress).

2. Extrernal Factor - Your sleeping environment - pillows, light, sound, bed, temperature.
That's why we created Jaserie - To improve the 1/3 of our life we each spend sleeping and to brighten the days in between.
In the last 3 years, we've helped over 10,000 people (like you) to improve their sleeping quality.
I'd love for you to give it a try.
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Founder & CEO of Jaserie​