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Jasper & Valerie

The story behind Jaserie’s brand and products is inspired by Jasper’s, the founder of Jaserie, love and empathy for his significant other, Valerie.

Valerie is a go-getter entrepreneur who is always on the move. As her business grew, her stress elevated which caused her to sleep less. The constant strain on her sleep cycle eventually led her to experience incessant insomnia. Valerie experienced stiff neck, pain in her shoulders and persistent headache. The lack of quality sleep led Valerie to be irritable and unproductive.

Jasper & Valerie

Jasper decided to take on a mission to help his loved one sleep better. He discovered that ‘Regular Pillows’ are not properly supporting both the necks and shoulder – the main culprit of interrupted sleep.

As he gathered more information and delved deeper into his research, he eventually crafted the ideal design of Jaserie Deep Sleep Pillow and Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket.

The name Jaserie is the union of both Jasper’s and Valerie’s name – Jas + erie – a testament to their love for one another, and the passion in helping those who need the perfect sleep.

Our Vision

To become the South East Asia (SEA) leading Sleep Brand.

Our Mission

Everyone deserves the perfect sleeping experience to empower one’s self to live to their fullest potential.