Our Story

Here is a story about the Founder of JASERIE Pillow’s soul mate. The founder’s soul mate is a beautiful entrepreneur lady. 

Every week she needs to take a plane to somewhere for meeting to expand her business. With the tremendous growth of her business, her time for sleeping & rest becomes lesser.

In the long run, due to stress & bad sleeping quality, she had developed insomnia where she began feeling sick, headache and easily get frustration or bad mood. 

Sometimes she might even wake up in the middle of the night flipping & tossing around to adjust pillow position. 

With this long continuation of bad sleeping quality & position, her neck & shoulders become stiff and even pain waking up in the morning.

At the same moment, with the love & empathy of our founder, he went to find various ways to help her improve her sleeping quality.

The founder found out that ‘Regular Pillow’ are not supporting our neck and shoulder which brought us uncomfortable sleeping.

‘Anything that will make you more comfortable will improve the likelihood of getting a good night sleep’ -Dr Lawrence Epstein, a sleep expert at Harvard-affiliated Brigham.

Our founder began researching on how to create the most comfortable pillow that could lead to greater sleeping experience for his soul mate. Later JASERIE Pillow was born. JASERIE Pillow is made with polyurethane (pillow) and polyester (pillow cover). 

The unique curve design in the middle of the pillow allows our head to rest at the right height to relieve tension on our neck, shoulder and spine. 

Moreover, a 30° degree angle design to help realign our cervical spine to protect the natural curve of our spine, this waking up feeling refreshed and be prepared to start a productive day!

After the creation of JASERIE Pillow, his soul mate was finally able to say goodbye to her neck pain & insomnia. Both of them are sleeping soundly like a ‘wooden log’ every night.

Finally, his soul mate also took the pillow & not even letting it go where she even bring the pillow to her travel. (this pillow can be squeezed to minimal & regain its original shape within seconds!)

Jasper & Valerie

~ Creators of JASERIE ~