Jaserie Bamboo Deep Sleep Blanket


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Make Deep Sleep an Every Day Thing

Sleep in hugging comfort with relaxing coolness. Every day. Our premium weighted blanket is engineered with tiny lead-free glass beads and cooling bamboo material on the outside to provide the ultimate comfort you need to sleep and wake up rested and energized.


No more sweat & drowsiness

There is nothing worse than waking up tired and sweaty. In tropical climates with high humidity, the normal cotton blankets will leave you tired, sticky, and uncomfortable. That’s why for the outside we use cooling bamboo lyocell fiber to keep you cool at night. This highly breathable, gentle-to-the-skin & chilling fabric is silky-soft and sourced from a sustainable & earth-friendly plant.


Think of it as the perfect thermo-regulating barrier between warm and cold air, as the bamboo fibers trap the warm air. This process helps your body keep its internal temperature and stay cool throughout the hot summer nights. The result is you sleeping better and in amazing coziness even on the hottest days.


Wake-up relaxed & Fatigue-Free

Designed with the optimal weight of 15lbs, the weighted blanket simulates hugs which provides comfort and reduces anxiety and stress. Scientific studies show that this hugging coziness gives the feeling of calmness and increases melatonin (the sleep hormone) thus helping you sleep better.


Fall Asleep Faster & Feel Rested

In a recent study, 76% of participants stated that they were able to fall asleep faster with a weighted blanket compared to conventional blankets. Research has shown that It’s all due to the deep touch pressure that stimulates serotonin (the relaxation hormone), which helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer without interruptions (aka deep sleep), and feel revitalized in the morning.


Durability You Can Depend On

Unlike most weighted blankets that use a 5-layer structure, we use refined our blanket with a 7-layer structure to completely prevent the glass beads to leak out. The inner fabric is made of non-glue 100% polyester padding, while the filling is made of thousands of tiny lead-free glass beads.


Quality You & Your Family Can Count On

When it comes to something that you and your family will use daily, you are understandably worried about products that don’t use certified fabrics. You can rest assure with our Bamboo Weighted Blanket as it is 100% Oeko-Tex Certified. This means that all the blanket’s fabrics have been tested for harmful substances by a 3rd party and therefore all materials are harmless for human health.


Before the next mini anxiety attack of you not being able to fall asleep for hours, or, even worse, waking up sweaty, tired, and moody, get this cooling bamboo weighted blanket!

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